Who being loved is poor? Love is, above all, a gift of oneself.

Saturday, August 21, 2010


Beauty is the only word I have to describe a sunrise. It's the only word I have to decribe a newborn child. It's the only word I have to describe a healthy relationship. Beauty is a word created by the world. When you hear it, you know whatever a person is describing must be worth seeing. Men will tell you, " There is a difference between a woman when I say she is hot than when I say she is beautiful. " They can't tell you the difference, but we all understand what they mean.

Beautiful is how I described the sunrise in Dahab. The colors that stretched across the sky..the water that sparkled like diamonds..the coolness of the water on my toes. That sunrise is just a wordly image God uses to show Himslef. It shows His glory if you will. He is right there and He does not need us but, it is there for us to see and for us to have. Beauty is just is worldly word used to describe what we see, what our hearts desire. Beauty is a word that does not qualify to be the description of God, but it is all I have. Humans were created because of Gods relationship between Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. They had so much love for eachother They had to create, They had to share that love. They hade the perfect relationship. Perfect understanding, acceptance, and ackowledgment of eachother. I know now that my own desire for understanding, acknowledgement, and acceptance has been planted in my heart by Jesus.

I always thought something was wrong with me, all my relationships....I thought I needed them and I thought I was dependant on them. It was really my desire to know God, or rather, be known by God. A relationship with a human, like the sunrise shows Gods character, shows a sliver of what it is like to be accpeted, acknowledged, and understood by God. We are stuck in this world until our King returns. The only way He can show us Himself is through what we know and through what He allows us to see....unfortunatley the world is in no way capable of showing Gods true Glory but, it is fitfully showing us "beauty" and showing us that what we desire is something we can not yet have and if we should receive it, to be honored. That is relationship with our maker. To be loved. Love is, above all the greatest commandment and it never fails.

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