Who being loved is poor? Love is, above all, a gift of oneself.

Saturday, August 21, 2010


Beauty is the only word I have to describe a sunrise. It's the only word I have to decribe a newborn child. It's the only word I have to describe a healthy relationship. Beauty is a word created by the world. When you hear it, you know whatever a person is describing must be worth seeing. Men will tell you, " There is a difference between a woman when I say she is hot than when I say she is beautiful. " They can't tell you the difference, but we all understand what they mean.

Beautiful is how I described the sunrise in Dahab. The colors that stretched across the sky..the water that sparkled like diamonds..the coolness of the water on my toes. That sunrise is just a wordly image God uses to show Himslef. It shows His glory if you will. He is right there and He does not need us but, it is there for us to see and for us to have. Beauty is just is worldly word used to describe what we see, what our hearts desire. Beauty is a word that does not qualify to be the description of God, but it is all I have. Humans were created because of Gods relationship between Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. They had so much love for eachother They had to create, They had to share that love. They hade the perfect relationship. Perfect understanding, acceptance, and ackowledgment of eachother. I know now that my own desire for understanding, acknowledgement, and acceptance has been planted in my heart by Jesus.

I always thought something was wrong with me, all my relationships....I thought I needed them and I thought I was dependant on them. It was really my desire to know God, or rather, be known by God. A relationship with a human, like the sunrise shows Gods character, shows a sliver of what it is like to be accpeted, acknowledged, and understood by God. We are stuck in this world until our King returns. The only way He can show us Himself is through what we know and through what He allows us to see....unfortunatley the world is in no way capable of showing Gods true Glory but, it is fitfully showing us "beauty" and showing us that what we desire is something we can not yet have and if we should receive it, to be honored. That is relationship with our maker. To be loved. Love is, above all the greatest commandment and it never fails.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Help me to see..

Pink and purple hews fill the sky as the sun peaks over the mountians. The smell of salt fills the air and as the cool water tickles my toes a smile creeps on my lips. The wind plays with my hair and I feel as free as a bird. The water looks like diamonds. How can anything be more beautiful? I can't look in the mirror and think I am worthy of any sort of comparison. God said humans are His best creation...take a longer look next time you're in front of your mirror, what would God say about you?

Thursday, August 12, 2010


Well, it's been a while since I've updated everyone and let them know how things are going for me here on my DTS. I made it to England : ) It was so amazing. Lecture fase looked like this for me....Ever morning we would start the day off with some worship and prayer which would be followed by our lecture for the day. Each week was a different topic. Some of the topics were; Spiritual warefare, Father heart of God, World view, and Communication. I was blessed with amazing speakers on each topic. Each week I found myslef walking away with things I would apply to the rest of my life and I learnt something new about myslef and God almost everyday. My team is amazing and I don't think I could have gone through this with any other group of people. ( We have nine girls and two boys ) We would then move onto and have an awesome lunch made by Mamma K :) and then move onto to work duties. I was on wash-up each day. It really was not what I would have picked for myself and the soap and water ruined my nails...but it wasn't so bad. The night usually was filled with some team activities or preparation for outreach.

Currently I am in a city named Helwan which is about half an hour from the heart of Cairo. Since being here we have done quit a few different things. So far some of the things we've done are; visiting a girls orphanage, playing with the kids on the streets near the place we are living, attending and speaking at many different churches, prayer walks, worship in parks, and trying to meet people and make friends. It really has been challenging for me. The culture is completley different and it has really tested my patience and taught me a lot about myslef. During the day here the streets are pretty quiet..but at night people come out of nowhere and the streets are filled with vendors and fruit stands! If you ever visit Egypt, watch out for the drivers :)

So, we have three more weeks here and I am really looking forwward to what God has planned for us...I really believe it is going to be something big. We will be leaving for Alexandria within the next few days. We don't really know what lies ahead for us and we are really praying for guidence from God. I am not very good at keeping my blog updated and I felt a bit convicted because of all the people that supported me in getting here probably want to know how I am doing. :) So i'm going to try and keep myself accountable and keep this updated regularly. Thank you for your support, thank you for your prayers.


Things you can pray for:
-For me to be open to the Holy Spirit for guidence
-Patience and endurance for the rest of the outreach
-Joy to fill the the days of my team and I
-I have a rash, pray for healing of that

Thank you!!